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January 26, 2010

Justice Department Decision Exonerates Mollohan

Move Debunks Right-wing Attacks on Mollohan’s Economic Development Efforts

WASHINGTON — Congressman Alan B. Mollohan announced that the Department of Justice has informed his lawyer that an investigation concerning Mollohan’s personal finances and his support for nonprofits in West Virginia has been concluded and that no charges are being considered.

In response, Mollohan said, “For nearly four years, in the face of a politically-motivated assault on my character, I have continued to fight for jobs and the working families of West Virginia. With this behind me, I am more determined than ever to stand up for the people of the First Congressional District and fight for what matters – good jobs, a strong economy and a government that works for the people, not the special interests.”

Reports of a Justice Department investigation began almost four years ago after the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), a Washington-based organization with extensively-documented right-wing ties, filed a complaint with the Justice Department against Mollohan. That complaint was initiated while Mollohan was playing a pivotal role in preventing the Republican leadership from weakening ethics rules and enforcement in the House of Representatives. Mollohan served as the ranking Democrat on the Ethics Committee at the time.

The filing of the report also coincided with the emergence of a Congressional challenger to Mollohan – Chris Wakim – who was reportedly recruited for the race by White House political operative Karl Rove. Also, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert visited the First Congressional District in March of 2006 – less than two weeks after the filing of the NLPC report – to campaign for Mollohan’s opponent. In that appearance, Speaker Hastert said that, “we’re going to play offense,” against Mollohan. When Hastert’s appearance was announced several weeks earlier, Hastert’s spokesman specifically noted Mollohan’s work on the ethics committee as something the Republican leadership opposed.

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