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Christine Martin of Monongah took this photo of the Rivesville Power Station, which was recently closed. “My husband mentioned the old building probably won’t be around forever, so I decided to photograph it,” she said. “I did the normal angles and wondered what the cement walls were. On further examination, I found it was the cooling tanks for the plant. Unable to see over the wall, I was forced to back my car and line it up along the back wall. Picture this — driver door open, one foot in the car on the seat, the other foot balancing on the open door window, camera held up and out to shoot through the barbed wire and press shutter. Found luck on the second shot.” She used a Nikon D300 on aperture setting. Photo of the Week submissions may be made by emailing them to Cliff Nichols, news editor, at Only email submissions will be considered. Please be sure to include a description of the photograph, including names and locations, and a way we can get in touch with you.

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