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November 15, 2013

Holgorsen noncommittal about Saturday’s starting QB

By Bob Hertzel
Times West Virginian

MORGANTOWN — Dana Holgorsen remains coy – not Case McCoy – about his quarterback situation.

On his radio show Thursday night, the West Virginia University football coach said that Paul Millard, who was forced to play the final three and a half quarters against Texas due to a blow to the head to starting QB Clint Trickett, has taken the majority of the snaps this week.

That would indicate he was going to start, but Holgorsen would not go that far.

He pointed out that Trickett had also taken snaps in practice this week, but he never really said he was cleared to play.

And there was a time around noon that Trickett put a cryptic Tweet on line that read:

“Not the news I wanted to hear”

He didn’t say what it was in reference to, but it certainly could be assumed that it had to do with his availability this week.

This was what Holgorsen said in his Tuesday press briefing about Trickett:

  “Clint Trickett’s shoulder is fine, his head is in a much better spot on Sunday and Monday. We will anticipate him being in practice today and will see how he reacts to it. It’s going to be non-contact with the quarterback. But we are going to see how he reacts to tests that they give him after today’s and tomorrow’s practice.”

A request for an update of Trickett’s condition was answered around 12:45 p.m. Thursday, following Trickett’s tweet but prior to practice, this way by Mike Montoro, head honcho on football info:

“As far as I know he’s playing … he hasn’t been ruled out”

  As it turns out, it is less important for Trickett to be available because Holgorsen revealed that redshirt freshman Ford Childress is back working and cleared to play, giving him yet another option, especially in the case of injury.

The news elated Holgorsen to the point that he joked about using his diamond offense with the three quarterbacks on the field together with running back Charles Sims in the center.

  While he seemed to be joking about it, a caller asked if he had considered it and his said that it was.

  “It’s something I’ve wanting to tinker with for quite some time,” he said. “We don’t have the depth right now. We have to recruit a few more quarterbacks in order to pull that off.”

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This, on Twitter, in the wake of the Wednesday shooting at Brashear High in Pittsburgh from former WVU quarterback Rasheed Marshall:

“Don’t speculate, bridge any gaps or come to any conclusions. Just say a prayer. My best days were spent at #BrashearHighSchool #Pittsburgh”


“Don’t let a bad situation taint the image of a great place!! #BrashearHighSchool #Pittsburgh #Bestdays”

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Holgorsen went more in depth about what happened to WVU safety KJ Dillon following the Texas game to put him in the hospital and out of action.

According to the coach Dillon is diabetic, felt dehydrated after the game, overhydrated on water and a bad reaction to it that put him into ICU at the hospital, spent a couple of days there in not a good way.

His mother was in town and stayed with him at the hospital. While released, Dillon is still being treated for what happened.

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Former Morgantown High star Tyler Anderson, who has excelled on special teams, is expected to see a lot more time at linebacker now that Jared Barber is out for the season with an ACL injury that will require surgery.

“I feel I have been through this plenty of times. I’m ready to step up,” he said.

He is expected to share time with Jewone Snow.

“It happened to me as a freshman. I’m just used to it. No nerves or anything,” he said. “You can’t look at it as pressure. We just have to come out and worry about Kansas.”

Anderson says the change in playing status won’t even change his approach to the game.

“Truthfully for me, it doesn’t change,” he said. “I always prepare the same, watch the same film. I know what everyone else knows. Me and Nick and Jared always talk, we know we have to step up and play.”

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