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April 29, 2006

Newspaper terminology

Editorial cartoon -- An editorial cartoon expresses the opinion of the artist about political, social or economic issues. We publish cartoons expressing a variety of opinions on an issue

Editorials -- Editorials are written by employees of the newspaper and reflect an opinion on issues on behalf of the newspaper.

Credit lines -- A credit line gives the name of the photographer and whether he works for the newspaper, a news service or is a freelancer.

Bylines -- A byline tells the reader who wrote the article and whether he is on the newspaper staff, is employed by a news service or is a freelancer.

News stories or news articles -- News stories or news articles are a series of facts about an event, issue or individual.

Advertisements -- An advertisement is a block of newspaper space that people buy, usually to promote a business, product or service. Because people pay for the space, they can generally say what they want within that space.

Letters to editor -- Letters to the editor are written by individuals who aren't employed by the newspaper and reflect the opinion of the letter writer.

Columns -- Columns are opinion pieces. Sometimes they are written by employees of other newspapers and are syndicated, or sold, to newspapers throughout the country. Columns can also be written by newspaper employees and private citizens who are asked to write them.

AP -- AP stands for The Associated Press, a national news service that distributes stories throughout the state, country and world. There are other news services, such as Scripts Howard News Service and Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service.

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