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January 3, 2008

Advertising Media Kit




Chuck Jessup (304) 367-2503

Classified Manager:

Beverly Miller (304) 367-2511

Business News: (304) 367-2540


Advertising (304) 367-2569

Editorial (304) 367-2565



Distribution Annex

Jim Smith (304) 333-3500


Sherri Gillett (304) 367-2505




Please take note, that as of August 1, 2000, the Times West Virginian changed to a 50 inch web size. Refer to the mechanical requirements on page 4 for correct column ad sizes.




a. Advertising Agency Commission

Commissionable rate for national advertising is available to any recognized advertising agency and will be billed to the advertising agency. All local rates are non-commissionable.

b. Cash Discount

No cash discounts are available.

c. Accounts Without Credit

All advertising is cash with copy until credit is established. Your sales representative will provide you with a credit application. We do accept MasterCard, VISA & Discover.

d. Terms For Accounts With Credit

Net 30 days from closing date of the statement. Finance charges are computed on a periodic rate of 1.5% per month, which is an annual percentage rate of 18% on any balance not paid within 30 days.

e. Delinquent Accounts

On advertising where credit is allowed, when any part of the account for advertising becomes delinquent, the entire amount becomes due and payable. The Times West Virginian may refuse to publish further advertising of a delinquent account.

f. Contracts

Contracts are nontransferable; only advertising relating to the regular business of the contracted advertiser may be purchased under the advertiser’s contract and none of the privileges of the contract may be assigned to another advertiser or business.




a. Content/Copy

The Times West Virginian reserves the right to reject any advertising. In submitting copy, the advertiser represents and warrants that its content is truthful, is not defamatory, is not an invasion of others and is in compliance with federal state and local laws and regulations.

b. Liability for Error

The liability of the Times West Virginian for any material error caused by the Times West Virginian in an advertisement is limited

to crediting to the account of the advertiser an appropriate portion of the cost of the advertisement containing the error. The portion will be determined by the Times West Virginian according to the degree of the error. In no event will the credit be larger than the price of the first advertisement containing the error. Claims for such liability must be submitted to the Times West Virginian within 30 days after the publication and will not be honored if copy or corrections were submitted to the Times West Virginian after the publishing deadline. No adjustment of any kind normally will be made for errors that do not affect the value of the advertisement.

c. Circulation/Readership

The Times West Virginian does not guarantee any given level of circulation or readership for an advertisement.

d. Limitation of Liability

The advertiser and advertising agency must agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Times West Virginian for any and all claims, actions, suits, proceedings, costs, expenses, damages, and liabilities resulting from an advertisement (including illustrations, text, layout, positioning, etc.) published at the advertiser’s request.

e. Position

All positions are the option of the Times West Virginian. Generally, the newspaper will attempt to accommodate an advertiser’s request for advertising position whenever possible. In no event will adjustments, reinsertions or refunds be made because of the position in which an advertisement has been published. Classified display ads may not appear under specific classifications due to space restrictions.

f. Advertisement/News Format

Advertising that might be mistaken by a reader as news, feature or other non-advertising materials must be clearly marked “advertisement”.

g. Failure To Insert

The liability of the Times West Virginian for omitting an advertisement from any edition in which it was scheduled or ordered for publication is limited to publishing the advertisement in another mutually agreeable edition at applicable rates.

h. Composition/Charges

Composition costs associated with production of an advertisement that is set but not used will be paid by the advertiser at the current composition rate of $40.00 per hour. (Rates subject to change without notice.

l. Late Ad/Preprint Liability

The Times West Virginian accepts no liability for errors in advertisements placed late by the advertiser or delivered late by a third party designated as the source of the material.

j. Cancellation Requirements

Cancellations, changes of insertion dates and/or corrections must conform to published deadlines. Cancellation of “until further notice” order must be confirmed in writing.

k. Artwork

The Times West Virginian is not responsible for the return of printing material/artwork unless a specific written request is received at the time of placement to hold such material for a period not exceeding 30 days.

l. Incorrect Rates

Incorrect rates on insertion orders which do not correspond to the rate card will be regarded as clerical errors and the advertisement will be published and charged at the applicable contract rates at the time of publication.

m. Verbal Agreements

The Times West Virginian representatives are not authorized to make any deviations from these published rates and regulations, orally or in writing.

n. Insertion Order

The Times West Virginian accepts insertion orders from advertising agencies only according to the terms and conditions this rate card conveys. If an insertion order is submitted including conditions that are not in accordance with the rate card, the Times West Virginian is not bound to adhere to them.

o. Political

All political advertising must be accompanied by cash with order and must be designated as “Paid Political Advertising,” stating the name of the person authorizing its publication and candidate or candidate’s in whose behalf it is published. Photo I.D. is required when placing political ads.

p. Contracts

Contracts are not valid until signed by the Advertising Manager.

r. Short Rates

Contracts not fulfilled will be short rated. Rebates are not given.

s. Brokering

Contracts will be accepted from an individual advertiser or may be drawn to include his/her subsidiaries but cannot include two or more different companies.

t. Rate Revisions

The Times West Virginian reserves the right to revise rates giving 30 days written notice. Such rate increases are applicable to advertising published in this rate card.

u. ROP Depth Requirements

Advertisements must be as many inches deep as columns wide. Advertisements measuring more than 19-1/2 inches will be charged at the full 21-1/2 inch depth. Also, it is policy that no ad will run upside down, sideways or run without a borde




a. Co-Op Advertising

Our Co-op Coordinator will help you with all phases of your co-op. We can provide you information on money available, tracking, budgeting, and reimbursement from most manufacturers.

b. Creative Services

Creative art service and ad campaign development is available. See Account Executive for more information.

c. Proofs

We can deliver a proof of any advertisement to your business (within the immediate area) so you can check for accuracy. Proofs may also be faxed to your place of business. The ad must be ten inches or larger and submitted by the established deadline.

d. Tearsheets

We can provide up to three tearsheets of your advertisement when you place a request prior to publication.




ROP Open

Annual Column Daily Sunday

Revenue Inches Column Column

Commitment Available Inch Rate Inch Rate


Open Open $20.63 $22.05

$1,200 75” $18.91 $19.86

$2,500 150” $18.09 $19.32

$4,900 300” $17.55 $18.72

$8,000 500” $16.96 $18.26

$11,000 750” $16.43 $17.61

$15,000 1000” $16.14 $17.32

$22,000 1500” $15.95 $17.08

$36,000 2500” $15.66 $16.78

$73,000 5000” $15.48 $16.53

$99,000 7500” $15.13 $16.25

Note: Dollar Volume includes Preprint Revenue

Display Ad Revenue and Color

Lower Your Earned Rate By

Repeating A Display Ad Within 6 Days

1st Repeat 30%

2nd Repeat 40%

3rd Repeat 50%

See page 5 for special editions advertising opportunities.





1 Color and Black $100

2 Colors and Black $150

3 Colors and Black $200

The low color rates above give our advertisers the flexibility to highlight, improve and enhance their ads by clever use of color. Color rates are not computed in pick-up discounts but are a separate charge.




-Location Impressions Open Rate 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month

Home Page

Skybar 30,000 $450.00 $427.50 $405.00 $360.00

Obituaries 10,000 $350.00 $332.50 $315.00 $280.00

Local news 5,500 $192.50 $182.88 $173.25 $154.00

Sports 5,500 $192.50 $182.88 $173.25 $154.00

Features 5,500 $192.50 $182.88 $173.25 $154.00


Employment 5,000 $175.00 $166.25 $157.50 $140.00

Real Estate 4,000 $140.00 $133.00 $126.00 $112.00

Automotive 4,000 $140.00 $133.00 $126.00 $112.00

Internet Yellow Page Feature Listing 30 days for $30

12 months for $300




The Times West Virginian classified department offers over 100 categories for you and our reader’s convenience. Utilizing our classified network, your ad will reach over 57,000 homes, approximately 100,000 readers for the best coverage in a tri-county area. Our experienced sales representatives can help you construct an ad to best fit your needs.

1 insertion $1.85 per line

2 insertions $2.72 per line

3 insertions $3.65 per line

4 insertions $4.58 per line

5 insertions $5.51 per line

6 insertions $6.38 per line

7 insertions $7.31 per line

5 line minimum

National Classified Line Rate $2.97 per line

National Classified Display Rate $17.67 per line

Box Replies $17

Classified Transient Frequency Rate

Classified Network 5 lines x 7 days $39.00

Reach over 57,000 Households with 3 publications & the Internet with only one ad. Times West Virginian, & Morgantown Times.

Classified Display Rate (Open) $14.93 pci

Lower Your Earned Rate By

Repeating A Display Ad Within 6 Days

1st Repeat 30%

2nd Repeat 40%

3rd Repeat 50%




Advertisers may choose full run for daily or Sunday distribution. If total market coverage is what you want, we can supplement our subscriber delivery with C.A.S.S. mailed delivery in our TMC products, Marion Times, Shinnston Times and Morgantown Times.

a. Preprints contracted for a twelve month period.

b. Preprinted inserts will not be inserted into the paper on Monday and Saturday, except on national holidays.

c. To obtain maximum protection for your insert keep the paper size within the range of our 11 1/2” x 12 1/2 “ folded newspaper.

d. Broadsheet preprinted advertising sections should be half-folded. Tabloid size or smaller preprinted pieces should be flat.

e. Deliveries should be at our dock ten (10) days prior to date of distribution. Deliveries earlier than 17 days prior to the date of distribution increase the chances of damage due to excessive handling of skids.

f. The receiving department is open from 8:30am-4:30pm Monday thru Friday. No deliveries will be accepted by any other personnel. Deliveries may be scheduled and made at our distribution center (call for directions)

g. Preprinted inserts are accepted by reservation only. Quantity needed will be stated at the time of reservation.

h. For accurate identification of your skids, please display each skid with a copy of the insert on two sides of the skid and the quantity of inserts on each skid.

i. Placement of inserts in the Times West Virginian will result in credit toward fulfillment of advertiser’s ROP contract covering display advertising. The amount of credit resulting from the placement of an insert will be calculated on the amount in dollars paid for the insert divided by the advertiser’s ROP contract rate in effect at the time the insert is placed.

Size Open 12x 24x 48x 78x 104x


Single Sheet $725 $638 $554 $471 $471 $471

4 to 12 Tab $1186 $1014 $929 $847 $757 $673

16 to 24 Tab $1304 $1103 $1014 $929 $847 $757

28 to 40 Tab $423 $1186 $1103 $1014 $929 $847

42 to 56 Tab $1541 $1286 $1186 $1103 $1014 $929

60 to 72 Tab $1662 $1370 $1286 $1186 $1103 $1014

76T & Up Tab $1781 $1459 $1370 $1286 $1186 $1103

*All preprints will be flat rated.

Quantities Needed Daily 11,730

Quantities Needed Sunday 12,453

Full run distribution figures are based on average gross circulation and are more applicable than the ABC Audit figures which are based only on average paid circulation.




The Times West Virginian publishes three total market coverage products for home delivery; the Marion Times, the Morgantown Times and the Shinnston Times. The editorial content of these products focuses on local people, events, senior news and school news. These publications also contain special promotions on a regular basis, preprinted inserts, classifieds, as well as display advertising. Call your advertising representative for more details. Refer to page 6 for an up-to-date distribution sheet by zip code.

Marion Times

The Marion Times is CASS/PAVE certified by the U.S. Postal Service, delivered to non-subscribers in Marion County and portions of Wetzel County. Over 11,500 copies are mailed for Friday or Saturday delivery. Substantial investment has been made in local news, club & church events as well as youth sports. Refer to page 6 for an up-to-date distribution sheet by zip code.

Shinnston Times

The Shinnston Times presents Shinnston’s historical past and it’s school, church and community news in the best, most colorful and cost efficient way. To advertise to the almost 4,600 addresses served by the Shinnston Times call today! Premium full color positions are available by contract every Friday and Saturday. Refer to page 6 for an up-to-date distribution by zip code.

Morgantown Times

Serving West Virginia’s newest metro region, the Morgantown Times delivers over 21,305 homes weekly on Friday with full color features: Across Campus WVU, Senior features, Business and Weekly feature story. Affordable advertising rates apply to both display and pre-print ads.

Saturday, January 19, 2008 Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008 Saturay, August 23, 2008

Saturday, March 16, 2008 Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday, April 19, 2008 Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday, May 18, 2008 Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008 Saturday, December 20, 2008

TMC ROP Display Rate

Rates quoted are per weekly issue.

Prices Per Column Inch

Marion Shinnston Morgantown

Times Times Times


129” $3.40 $3.00 $5.40

93” $3.70 $3.30 $5.90

65” $4.10 $3.50 $6.40

45” $4.50 $3.60 $6.90

30” $5.00 $3.70 $7.40

15” $5.50 $3.85 $8.10

8” $6.00 $3.95 $8.50

OPEN $6.50 $4.40 $10.75

Pickup Pickup Pickup

$4.50 pci $4.00pci $6.50pci

TMC Color

One Spot Color $50

Two Spot Colors $75

Full Color Process $125

TMC Deadlines

Marion Times 4pm Friday

Shinnston Times 4pm Friday

Morgantown Times 4pm Friday

TMC Preprint Inserts Rates

Size TMC cpm Rate


Single Sheet $46.00

4 Tab $65.00

8 Tab $70.00

12 Tab $70.00

16 Tab $75.00

20 Tab $75.00

24 Tab $80.00

28 Tab $80.00

32 Tab $90.00

36 Tab $90.00

40 Tab $95.00

44 Tab $95.00

48 Tab $99.00





The Times West Virginian ROP mechanical measurements are the same as the Total Market Coverage products.

ROP, offset printed,

Page 6 col. by 21-1/2”

1 column 1.833”

2 column 3.792”

3 column 5.750”

4 column 7.708”

5 column 9.667”

6 column 11.625”

Full Page 11.625”x21.5”

Double Truck 24.5”x21.5”

Classified, offset printed,

Page 9 col. by 21-1/2”

1 Column 1.203”

2 Column 2.506”

3 Column 3.808”

4 Column 5.111”

5 Column 6.414”

6 Column 7.717”

7 Column 9.019”

8 Column 10.322”

9 Column 11.625”

Full Page 11.625”x21.5”

Double Truck 24.5”x21.5”

Tabloid Publications, offset printed,

Page 5 col. by 11.625”

1 column 1.833”

2 column 3.792”

3 column 5.750”

4 column 7.708”

5 column 9.667”

Full Page 9.667”x11.625”

Double Truck 21.5”x11.625”




The Times West Virginian is audited by ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations). Ask your sales representative for the latest report.




Daily Color Weather Page*

Tuesday thru Sunday Stock Page

Monday Daily Grind

Tuesday Cold Pizza

Wednesday Take Five

Thursday Ticket

Saturday Faith Journey*

Sunday Tempo*

• Comic Page*




Faith Journeys is a religious section that appears in the Times West Virginian every Friday. When you advertise in Faith Journeys on Friday, you can receive half price on advertisement in Saturday’s Times West Virginian. Feature stories focus on people of faith.

Church Rate $8.25 pci




January Senior Timres

Year in Review


February Bridal Tab

Class of 2019

March Taste of Home

Annual Report

April Senior Times

Home Imporovement

Consumer How To Guide

May 3 Rivers Festival

June Business Review

July What the Flag Means to Me

Rodeo Tab

Senior Times

August Back to School

HS Football Tab

College Football

September Silver Pages

Home Improvement

Fall Recreation

October Women in Business

Senior Times

Novmeber Veteran’s Bonus Edition

Christmas Catalog

Miners Bonus Editiion

December Last Minute Gift Guide




Weddings, anniversaries, club events, church news complete with large size pictures and cut lines are published Sunday in our Lifetimes section. Birthdays, parties, household hints, planning tips for life are presented as well.




Theater, video, TV news, feature stories, movie reviews, plans for up-coming events in the tri-state area. From Pittsburgh to Charleston, West Virginia regional events are highlighted, as well as local events, in this entertainment section, which is published every Thursday in the Times West Virginian.




Daily we present a full color weather page. With local weather and a local meteorologist, we bring an accurate up-to-date local forecast. Also full color advertising 5 column x 6” spots are available.

13 week contract $245

26 week contract $218

52 week contract $196




Single Sheet inserts designed, printed and distributed for one low price (minimum quantity 5,000 sheets). Contact your account representative for availability and rates.

4 Tab/2 Std or 8 Tab/4 Std. Inserts designed, printed and distribted for one low price (Minimum quality 5,000 pieces) Contact your account representative for availability and rates.




Publication Deadline

Sunday 5pm Thursday

Monday 5pm Thursday

Tuesday 5pm Friday

Wednesday Noon Monday

Thursday 5pm Monday

Friday 5pm Tuesday

Saturday 5pm Wednesday

Tempo 5pm Tuesday




Document Formats:

QuarkXPress 6.5

Creator 6 Adobe Photoshop CS

Adobe Illustrator CS Adobe Exchange

Adobe Acrobat 7 ASCII Text

Disk Must Include:

All fonts used on ad - fonts must be embedded on ad

All used artwork and photos

Photos/Clipart Formats:



Color Photo Mode: CMYK


Grayscale/Color 180dpi Bitmap 400dpi

Film: Read Right, Emulsion Down

Printer Halftone Screen: 85 LPI (lines per inch)

Text Formats:

Quark, Creator, Simple Text

ASCII Text (on disk or e-mail)

(either PC or MAC format)

Sending Electronic Ads:

•AP Adsend Address: WVFAI • 1-800-TADSEND

•WV Press Net





(Sunday Circulation applies)

January 1 February 14

March 5 April 9

May 26 June 10

July 4 August 6

September 3 October 8

November 27 December 25





26301 Clarksburg 22 | 0 | | 22

26330 Bridgeport 204 | 0 | | 204

26354 Grafton 358 | 0 | | 358

26361 Gypsy 0 | 180 | Shinnston Times | 180

26366 Haywood 0 | 90 | Shinnston Times | 90

26386 Lumberport 13 | 1,065 | Shinnston Times | 1078

26404 Meadowbrook 0 | 177 | Shinnston Times | 177

26431 Shinnston 151 2,605 Shinnston Times 2,756

26437 Smithfield 12 | 0 | Marion Times | 12

26440 Thornton 10 | 0 | | 10

26443 Wyatt 3 | 100 | Shinnston Times | 103

26501-08 Morgantown 75 | 21,305 | Morgantown Times | 21,380

26554 Fairmont 8,790 | 7,850 | Marion Times | 16,640

26559 Barrackville 308 | 126 | Marion Times | 434

26560 Baxter 17 | 4 | Marion Times | 21

26562 Burton 26 | 0 | Marion Times | 26

26563 Carolina 40 | 3 | Marion Times | 43

26566 Colfax 24 | 1 | Marion Times | 25

26568 Enterprise 27 | 349 | Shinnston Times | 376

26570 Fairview 350 | 149 | Marion Times | 499

26571 Farmington 330 | 154 | Marion Times | 484

26572 Four States 22 | 0 | Marion Times | 22

26574 Grant Town 75 | 16 | Marion Times | 91

26575 Hundred 49 | 0 | Marion Times | 49

26576 Idamay 64 | 7 | Marion Times | 71

26578 Kingmont 110 | 10 | Mairon Times | 120

26581 Littleton 10 | 0 | Marion Times | 10

26582 Mannington 933 | 545 | Marion Times | 1478

26585 Metz 67 | 48 | Marion Times | 115

26586 Montana Mines 20 | 3 | Marion Times | 23

26588 Rivesville 447 | 190 | Marion Times | 637

26589 Wadestown 16 | 0 | | 16

26591 Worthington 205 | 64 | Marion Times | 269

All Others 300 | 0 | | 300

TOTALS 13,078 | 35,041 | | 48,119

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