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April 20, 2009

More than a cup of Joe

Coffee houses offer variety, place to meet, socialize and even work

Coffee establishments nowadays offer much more than just a cup of Joe.

Many coffee houses serve an array of beverages that attract people from all ages with different tastes.

No longer do people have the only option of ordering decaffeinated or regular coffee with cream or sugar, and this is one of the many reasons why people make their daily trip to their favorite coffee house. Many people prefer espresso over coffee, and they can get this in many different forms to match their tastes.

One of the most popular espresso drinks is the latte, which comes with steamed milk, espresso and sometimes a flavored syrup to sweeten the drink up.

Sheri of Westover said, “A lot of people choose this for their drink because they do not like the taste of coffee or espresso, and when they add a flavor to their drink, they still are receiving their daily dose of caffeine without tasting the bitter espresso. My favorite personal favorite is a vanilla latte, which cuts out a lot of the bitterness.”

In addition to lattes, many people enjoy frappuccinos, which are frozen versions of the latte and resemble milkshakes. The younger generation enjoys this drink because it is topped with whipped cream, which makes it taste much sweeter.

Coffee houses also typically offer an a variety of tea selections, from herbal to black. Many people enjoy chi tea lattes, which is steeped tea, steamed milk and honey, which breaks up the monotony of a regular tea.

Having so many different options of caffeinated or decaffeinated drinks to choose from is one of the many reasons people go to coffee houses.

However, coffee establishments also offer a place where friends can come together to socialize.

Bob of Morgantown said, “People can come in, sit down at a table and enjoy their favorite drink while talking to friends in a pleasant setting.”

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Daily Grind
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    Many coffee houses serve an array of beverages that attract people from all ages with different tastes.

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