The Times West Virginian

July 4, 2013

Independence Day: Inhaling freedom’s reassuring breeze our national treasure

Times West Virginian

— Soaring high and triumphantly above the dust, dirt and grime of everyday political maneuvering and scandal, in our America the fresh breeze of freedom still prevails.

We should often reach through the fog of an almost daily governmental and judicial infringement upon our personal rights and breathe deeply from this source of freedom’s rejuvenating reassurance of its guarantee. Freedom’s breeze has sustained and strengthened our resolve through wars, catastrophes, depressions and discouragement. Freedom is our birthright. Freedom is our hope.

We once more celebrate our independence as the years accrue one upon the other for this blessed land of the free and home of the brave. The wisdom and patriotism of our founders have brought us through many difficult situations and profound problems.

This wonderful land known as the United States of America is rather young as nations go. No other civilization or society in history has risen to the position of world power in such a short time.

As we celebrate Independence Day 2013, it might be a good time to take inventory of our appreciation for being allowed to live in our America. Although we have many flaws, they cannot override the privileges of our American citizenship. As we look back and recall with pride those early days of independence, we should take special note of those men of dedication and love of freedom.

In this infant 21st century, we need to reestablish, by whatever means necessary, the process of trust. The trust of which we speak is an earned trust established by acts of truth and justice over periods of time and actions. Our governmental structures and participants are rated at an all-time low in citizens’ trust and confidence.

In any ideal society, parents, teachers, clergy, medical personnel, judges, public servants, etc., should hold a special position of trust. The foundation of this experiment called America was firmly laid upon the principle of mutual trust and respect. Our founders did not always agree, but they nonetheless had deep respect for their country and their fellow legislators.

We have since our birth as a nation boldly and without excuse declared our dependence and reliance upon a higher power.

We are living in a time when it seems that efforts are being exerted to divorce our nation from those early principles of dependancy upon God. The short yet all-inclusive declaration that adorns much of our currency, “In God We Trust,” must remain the watchword and true expression of our dependancy upon His mercies and blessings.

Happy birthday, America. God has surely shed His grace on thee from sea to shining sea.

 — Elton Slusser