The Times West Virginian

June 12, 2013

Gary Price strong as superintendent, in position to bring stability to schools

Times West Virginian

— “An evaluation of a superintendent is not intended to find fault, but is a measuring tool to see how effective one is doing and see if any improvement or concentration in any area needs to be worked out to make one better.”

This was Marion County Board of Education president James Saunders reading a prepared statement prior to going into discussion about the status of Superintendent Gary Price.

And if anyone had any doubts about the job Price was doing, all they had to do was listen to the rest of the statement.

“The board feels the superintendent has improved in many areas and is strong in the area of state law and personnel policies.”

Saunders said the board “congratulates Mr. Price for the improvements made” and thanked him for everything he does for Marion County schools.

We feel that congratulatory statement to Price was well deserved. Price has done an excellent job since he was appointed in October of 2011. When difficult situations have arisen, Price has been there to answer the call.

Price was appointed when Tom Deadrick resigned from the position in a rather surprise move.

Price was actually evaluated early in the year and in generalities, the board went over the scores in each category with him. The board members expressed their concerns and needs for “the improvement of our Marion County school system.”

Price certainly should know the Marion County school system inside and out, spending 38 years working with it and 35 of those have been in administration. His late father, Orville Price, had served many years in the school board office as an administrator, and Gary Price has followed in his footsteps. He should know the system’s strengths and its weaknesses.

Marion County has had a rather long list of superintendents over the years — some from outside the area and others that were home grown. There was, at times, some micro-managing going on by board members that didn’t sit well with the superintendents.

From all indications, Marion County now has a strong superintendent who can help our county schools go in the direction they need to.

What Marion County has lacked for some time now is stability. It seems like superintendents have come and gone, none staying long enough to make much more of an impact than steadying the ship from the previous administration change over.

Once the administration is stable, the real work begins in moving the school system in the right direction through strong leadership, sound policies and good relationships with the community and professional and service personnel.

We believe that Price has those qualities, and we hope to see him at the helm of the school system for some time to come.