The Times West Virginian

November 7, 2012

Now is time to focus our attention on nation’s future

Times West Virginian

— The ballots have been cast and the votes have been counted.

Another Election Day is over.

And regardless of the outcome — maybe your favored candidate won, or maybe that candidate didn’t; maybe you supported an issue that didn’t pass, or are upset that an issue you didn’t support received the majority of votes — it’s time to focus our attention on what’s really at stake: the future of this nation.

It’s time to move forward. It’s time to rally together and start working as a team, united in our efforts to make this country great.

It’s a message we hope each of our elected leaders takes to heart. We hope they waste no time getting back to work on the issues that need immediate attention as we all work together for a better country.

In Washington, that means focusing on the economy. Creating jobs and bringing down the unemployment rate. Figuring out a long-term solution for Social Security and Medicare.

In West Virginia, it means making sure the state’s financial house remains in order. Offering a consistent workforce to keep the state’s brightest here after they earn a college degree. Making sure industries like coal don’t get shoved to the side.

And in Marion County, it means tackling the problems that continue to plague the area, including illegal drugs and crime.

Does it seem like an insurmountable task? We realize these issues are big, and we don’t expect immediate results. We know the process will take time, and to do it correctly will require focus and hard work from both parties.

But that’s the key point — while we don’t expect results to happen in one day, we do expect everyone to put partisan politics aside and work together.

We expect them to work together to bring back America’s sense of unity, both in the nation’s capital and from coast to coast.

We expect them to work together to provide a solid foundation for our children and grandchildren, who will lay the groundwork for generations to come.

You deserve a better America. We all do.

With everyone working together, that better America is within our reach.