The Times West Virginian

August 30, 2013

West Virginia to benefit greatly from the new role taken on by Core

Times West Virginian

— Earlier this week, The Associated Press reported about a cen­tralized electronic filing system pilot project for circuit clerks that is intended to prevent mistakes in the court system and improve access to records.

At the the time the story ran in the Times West Virginian, little did we know that the woman who had been selected to be a leader in this initiative, which will initially take in 14 counties and fix widespread record-keeping issues, would be a very familiar one in Marion County.

The Marion County court system is losing Circuit Clerk Barbara Core after 26 years of faithful service, but the state will benefit greatly from the new role she's taking on.

Core will be a consultant for On-Line Information Services, Inc., of Mobile, Ala. That company will provide the electronic capability that will allow electronic filing using Software Systems of Morgantown’s case management system. Electronic filing will be piloted in Marion County and 13 other counties beginning this fall. Marion and Jefferson counties will be the first to go online.

It's fitting that Core will be a key part in this transition.

“She has ushered the circuit clerk’s office into the 21st century. She is a hard worker and gets the most out of her staff. She is one of the leading clerks in the state,” said now-retired Circuit Judge Fred Fox, who named Core to the position 26 years ago.

Core has kept moving her office forward with forward thinking and new technology. While the position is an elected one, and Core is active in the Democratic Party, she has run her office above politics, efficiently and in the best interest of the court system and those traversing it. We know she'll take that forward-thinking attitude with her in the new position and move West Virginia forward in new technology, less margin of error and better access to records.

We congratulate Core on this major move and wish her much luck, as her work will benefit not just the Marion County Courthouse by the state's entire court system.

At the same time, our best wishes go out to Core's replacement, Rhonda Starn, as she fills the shoes of a longtime public servant and implements the key changes as the system moves forward.