The Times West Virginian

October 15, 2012

Top-notch coaches

Huggins, Bolen and Massimino instruct FSU Basketball Clinic

By Jarrod Harris
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — Big names took part in the Fairmont State University’s men’s basketball clinic held at Colebank Gymnasium on Saturday.

West Virginia University head basketball coach Bob Huggins, Villanova national championship head coach Rollie Massimino and former Mountain State University head men’s coach Bob Bolen were all on hand during the event.

All three of these coaches spoke and instructed various basketball strategies, along with philosophy in the game of basketball.

Huggins went over man-to-man defense. Massimino discusses trapping, and Bolen covered transitions.

“I used to go to all types of clinics when I was younger,” said Massimino. “Now, I’ve spoken to a lot of them all across the world. It’s very interesting because some things are repeated. I always say there are three kinds of coaches — a coach that writes everything down, a coach that writes nothing down and a coach that takes things that are important that will fit into their system, not my system, but their system.”

The coaches in attendance were able to take notes as Huggins, Massimino and Bolen conducted their lessons. Not only did the coaches speak strategies, but a few FSU basketball players facilitated the strategies onto the court, so each coach could see the play live. This type of approach is blending something that is concrete with a method that is abstract — hence the lesson being conducted by the coaches and then the lesson being played out on the court.

“If you go to clinics, your going to have your own philosophy,” Bolen stated. “If you pick up just one point, or one thing offensively, or something out of our transition, something that they may incorporate into their schemes, it will help. When I used to go to these things, you’re not going to get your whole philosophy from somebody else’s standpoints, but you can take bits and pieces.”


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