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June 16, 2013

Westchester Village holding a meet, greet

Event with FSU football staff is set for June 28

By Jarrod Harris
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — Meeting and greeting.

Westchester Village and Fairmont State University are pairing for a meet-and-greet dinner with the Fighting Falcon football coaches at Westchester Village on June 28 at 7 p.m.

The attendees will not only get to meet the likes of newly hired head football coach Jason Woodman, but his assistant coaches will also be on tap for the event — Mike Compton, Dan Gayton and Chris Harvey.

“It’s a nice opportunity for community members to come and get to meet the coaches,” said Jimmy Sears, general manager at Westchester Village. “We held an event last year for (FSU basketball coach) Jerrod Calhoun, and the supporters really enjoyed their time.”

Like Calhoun’s event, fans will be given the opportunity of mingling with the coaches.

This type of one-on-one interaction gives an incite to the plans of Woodman’s season. Instead of being on the outside looking in, you will be able to know what type of offense Woodman’s going to run and the type of defense he will showcase in the Falcons’ first bout against Seton Hill on Sept. 5 at 7 p.m.

“It’s a nice way for fans and supporters to get to meet the coaches first hand,” Sears said. “It’s a unique experience.”

At this juncture, there will be 50 tables; 30 have sold, so there are only 20 remaining. These are tables that seat eight people. If you don’t want to purchase a table, you can ride solo and purchase individual tickets, as well.

“Interest is really picking up,” Sears said. “What we are doing is we’re selling $500 corporate tables, which are tables of eight. And we are selling $50 individual tickets. Those tickets can be purchased or picked up at Westchester Village.”

So, who does this fundraiser benefit? It benefits the football players at FSU.

Since Woodman is a new coach, he’s trying to get top-tier recruits to play football in Fairmont. With that being said, he can’t recruit if his funds are limited.

“Being in a Division II program, budgets are always extremely tight, and this is just a way for them to subsidize some of the additional things they need,” Sears said. “They are in a pinch just like everybody else. We’re trying to raise a little extra money which is critical at this point in time.”

During Calhoun’s fundraiser just a year ago, Westchester Village and Sears raised more than $10,500. That’s money that would go a long way for the program.

But at the end of the day, the attendees are getting to meet the coaches, and the coaches are getting the opportunity of putting athletes on the field that wins championships.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

“We’re certainly excited for this event,” Sears said. “When Woody came on board here, I also have known Woody from the past and I went to him and we just started talking and he was really appreciative of the fact if we could come up with an idea to raise some more funds. That’s where we’re at, and that’s why we’re doing it.”

If you would be interested in purchasing a ticket or hearing more information about the fundraiser, contact Sears at 304-366-3711.

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