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November 19, 2012

Remember key concepts related to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering together with family and friends. Although it’s important to teach kids to be thankful every day, life is hectic and families sometimes forget to express gratitude.

The following activities help reinforce the main concepts related to Thanksgiving, such as the season, the nation’s history and, most importantly, gratitude.

• Make a Thankful Tree.

In recent years, creating a Thankful Tree at home has become a popular idea. The best thing about it? Families can make it any way they want. Some collect branches and arrange them in a pot, and even make a winter tree out of brown mailing paper and tape it to the wall. Kids can print colored leaves on the computer or make their own using colored cardstock or construction paper.

• Sail the Mayflower.

Who knew there were so many different ways to build a ship? Dig through the recycling bin if you have one, and ask kids to create their own mini version of the Mayflower.

• Decorate the table.

Does your family sit the kids at their own table for Thanksgiving? If so, put them in charge of decorating it. They can use their imaginations or use printables available online.

• Inject culture into the menu.

Food is the best part of a holiday. Parents should take the time to cook with their kids and show them how to prepare the meal. But they don’t have to stick to the book. Many families create unique celebrations by shying away from the traditional menu and creating their own dishes using typical ingredients.

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