The Times West Virginian

August 13, 2012

Making adjustments

With busy schedules, Hill family must plan time together

By Emily Gallagher
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — Being creative is a full-time activity for the Hill family.

Inez and Robb Hill live in Fairmont with their daughters, Makenzie, 16, and Keira, 12.

Inez and Robb’s jobs and Makenzie and Keira’s school take them to Morgantown. So the family has to be creative to spend time together.

Inez is the secondary principal at Trinity Christian School in Morgantown while Robb works for UPS.

“That’s actually a new job for me this year,” Inez said. “I’ve been a teacher for 18 years and this is my first full year in administration, so it will be interesting.”

Sixteen-year-old Makenzie will be a junior at Trinity. She enjoys playing soccer and basketball. Her mother says she loves music and being around people.

“She just has a love for people in general,” Inez said. “I think God has a plan with her in the musical aspect.”

Makenzie is a talented singer and guitar player and serves on the worship team at her school.

“She can just listen to the radio, pick up her guitar and play a song by ear,” Inez said. “She’s one of (the worship team’s) lead vocalists and (plays) rhythm guitar.”

Along with sports and music, Makenzie is a Fellowship of Christian Athletes leader at Trinity.

“She’s a pretty busy kid,” Inez said. “She always wants to help people.”

Also staying busy is her younger sister Keira, who will be in seventh grade. Like her sister, Keira plays soccer and basketball. Her favorite sport is soccer.

“She is a die-hard, all-the-way soccer player, with a dream of playing soccer at WVU,” Inez said.

Inez said Keira plays on a rec soccer team in Marion County and that she, too, loves to help people.

“She is very ambitious,” Inez said. “She’s very competitive. She knows exactly what she wants and is a very determined young lady.”

Not only are the kids very active, but Inez and Robb stay busy as well. Robb enjoys bike riding and Inez has a passion for soccer. She plays on an adult league in Morgantown.

When they’re not working or driving kids to practice or other activities, Inez and Robb manage to find time for themselves.

“Our date night sometimes is getting on a bicycle,” Inez said. “We’ll ride the rail trail four or five miles in to Subway and have a sandwich.”

With Robb working so late, the family has to be creative when it comes to having a nice family meal together.

Inez says instead of a family dinner they might have a family lunch in the summer.

“He has an hour lunch and he has to schedule that at a certain time of the day,” Inez said. “We’ll go have lunch with him in Morgantown.”

When the family can sit down for dinner, it’s a rare treat.

“We have to be creative a lot of times,” Inez said. “There are days where Robb would be so late that I would pick up Subway sandwiches and we would drive to Morgantown and wherever his route was near a park or something, we would sit and eat there.”

Most days Inez, Makenzie and Keira will sit down and eat together but Inez will only eat half. When Robb comes home, she eats the other half with him while Makenzie and Keira have a snack.

“It’s sort of informal,” Inez said. “It’s not like we set the table, but we kind of hang around the kitchen counter while he eats.”

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