The Times West Virginian

December 17, 2012

Keep kids busy during school holiday break

Times West Virginian

— Entertaining kids can be a tricky business at the best of times, and it’s even more difficult during holidays.

If parents are desperate to drag their children away from the TV and gaming console, there are plenty of ways to keep them busy, no matter what age they are.

• Get them in the kitchen.

There are loads of simple recipes parents can try out with their children. If parents are concerned about them getting things in and out of the oven, try making chocolate crispy bars, which have to be chilled in the fridge.

If they really love it, why not challenge them to come up with different sandwich fillings for their tea? They many not particularly enjoy the results, but they’re learning about taste as well as having fun.

• Teach them cross-stitch.

Cross stitch is a great way to get kids involved in arts and crafts. Parents can get special kits designed for younger children so they won’t hurt themselves on the needles and the pattern will be easier to follow.

• Make paper planes.

Use up all that scrap paper that was destined for the recycling and build a fleet of paper airplanes. Then kids can launch them from an upstairs window or in the backyard. They can make different kinds and see which one flies the farthest.

• Write a story.

Parents and kids can use their imaginations and write a story together. It doesn’t have to be original — the kids could write down their favorite fairy tale and just change the ending if they feel like it.

Another great idea is to write chain stories with friends. Each person writes a paragraph and then shows the final line only to the next writer. Once the final person has written their section, read the whole story out loud — it’s usually pretty funny!

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