The Times West Virginian

March 25, 2013

Easter traditions are ideal ways to celebrate holiday

Times West Virginian

— Hop into Easter traditions that give families a new way to celebrate one of the oldest holidays in the world. Not only will your family love these traditions now, but like any good tradition, your kids can enjoy them with their kids, too.

• Learn about Easter and Easter traditions.

Chocolate bunnies and fuzzy chicks often overshadow the real reason we observe Easter. Do kids know the true meaning of Easter?

Start an Easter tradition that teaches them Easter 101. Kids may also be interested in learning about the history of the Easter bunny. Each year, your family can revisit these lessons and make learning something new about Easter a part of your traditions.

• Plant an Easter garden.

Let one of your Easter traditions brighten up your yard. Easter is a happy reminder that it’s time to say goodbye to winter. Celebrate the arrival of spring by planting a garden with your kids for Easter.

Marigolds, petunias and other annuals turn that patch of dirt into an instant flower garden for kids. Follow a regional gardening guide to enjoy everything spring can offer your family’s garden.

• Record your family dyeing eggs.

Of course, dyeing eggs is a cherished memory of Easter for kids. Capture those memories for the whole family.

Set up a video camera in the corner of the room to record your family dyeing Easter eggs from start to finish. Just let the camera roll as you and the kids color eggs with natural dyes, decorate them with herbs or add flair to them with tie-dyed effects.

Be sure to turn on the video camera every year. It won’t be long until you can edit a home movie on your computer that shows Easter after Easter of your family dyeing eggs in the kitchen.

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