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September 10, 2012

All about family

Busy schedules don’t keep Price clan from spending time together

FAIRMONT — Jeremiah Price joined the National Guard and was deployed to Afghanistan for a year in 2003.

Although his children, Malakhi and Makenna, were not born yet, Price missed his wife Patricia very much.

“That was pretty tough,” Price said about being away from his wife. “Communication was mostly with letters.”

Now Price works on call but is hoping to become a teacher in Marion County.

“My hours can vary from working eight hours to the most I’ve worked, which is 16 hours,” Price said.

Patricia works at Fairmont State University and Pierpont Community & Technical College.

“She normally works 8 to 4,” Price said “Sometimes she works a little later.”

When Patricia has to work late, Jeremiah, Malakhi and Makenna sit down together for dinner.

“Not every night, but sometimes,” Jeremiah Price said about eating dinner as a family. “When Patricia works late and the kids get off the bus, they’re tired and hungry.”

Seven-year-old Malakhi and 5-year-old Makenna attend Monongah Elementary School. Their dad is usually home when the kids get off the bus after school. When he can’t be there, relatives help.

“I’m usually home unless I have errands that I need to get done,” Price said. “Then their grandma or grandpa get them off the bus. They live next door, which makes it convenient.”

Even though they are siblings, Price said the two can be totally different.

“Malakhi is nice and laid back,” Price said. “Makenna, she’s just energetic, bouncing off the walls.”

Price said Makenna is curious and will pick through stuff and is very girly while Malakhi is into action figures and video games.

Both kids play soccer and Malakhi hopes to play football as well. With flexible schedules, getting the kids to practices is easy.

“Patricia is the assistant coach for Makenna’s team,” Price said. “Whenever we get the chance we put him in football, and I’m hoping to put them both back into karate.”

As for the mornings, getting everyone awake for school happens early.

“I usually get up at about 6 a.m., 6:30 a.m.,” Price said. “At about 7 o’clock I’m getting the kids out of bed. We’ll go with them to the bus stop, which is around 8 o’clock.”

When the family gets time, they enjoy going to the movies or hanging out with family.

On the weekends it’s all about family.

“We have a family church right next to us,” Price said. “And on the weekends we go to church.”

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