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September 17, 2012

Fast-paced family

Asterinos rely on help from friends, co-workers to manage busy schedules

By Emily Gallagher
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — Organization and time management help the Asterino family manage life in the fast lane.

Tyrone and Kristi Asterino both have full-time jobs and are involved with the community.

Having no kids of their own at the time, in 2000 the two did an international adoption from India, adopting a daughter, Tylyn. Little did they know, two years later they would have their own son, Gavin.

Tyrone teaches at East Fairmont High School and coaches the boys’ varsity basketball team for the Bees. Basketball keeps Tyrone busy throughout the year.

“Basketball isn’t just a few months,” Kristi said. “It’s his life.”

Kristi is a second-grade teacher at East Park Elementary and has been teaching there for 13 years.

“I love working with faculty and staff to enrich and build bright futures for our students,” Kristi said.

On top of their full-time jobs, Tyrone and Kristi are involved in the community in different ways.

Kristi works as the Teacher Education coordinator for 15 pre-service teachers at East Park. She is also the Professional Development coordinator at East Park for the Benediem Program.

She also coaches the girls’ track team at East Fairmont Junior High School and is the program director in training for Wyldlife Marion County.

“It’s an organization for middle school grades six through eight,” Kristi said. “Our goal is to reach adolescents and help them grow in their faith.”

As for Tyrone, basketball keeps him busy throughout the year.

When he isn’t teaching health and physical education or coaching the Bees, he’s usually Scouting or watching film.

“He attends freshman practices and games to support them,” Kristi said. “He also attends East Fairmont Junior High School seventh- and eighth-grade games to support his feeder school.”

With their busy schedules, keeping two kids on schedule means both parents must communicate and stay organized.

Thirteen-year-old Tylyn attends EFJHS and runs cross country and track while also being involved in student council. She is a member of Wyldlife. She has cross country practice every day and Wyldlife meets once a month.

“Tylyn does physical therapy two times a week for tight muscles during cross country,” Kristi said. “She attends conformation classes Sunday evenings as well.”

As for 10-year-old Gavin, he practices soccer and basketball two times a week. When he gets the chance, he likes to hang out with his dad.

“Gavin will sometimes go up to the high school to be with his dad and the basketball team,” Kristi said. “He likes spending time with his dad and the team.”

Tyrone is the assistant coach for Gavin’s basketball team at Pleasant Valley. But having a busy schedule sometimes means Tyrone can’t make it to Gavin’s or Tylyn’s games.

“Tyrone got to coach Gavin’s team in their championship game,” Kristi said. “He’s glad he got to coach that game because they won.”

With everyone’s busy schedules, staying organized is key for Kristi. Of course, it helps when the parents’ jobs are close to school.

“Tyrone will take Tylyn and I’ll take Gavin to school,” Kristi said. “After school the kids will come to my work from the bus.”

After work Kristi makes sure everyone gets to practice on time. With Kristi’s responsibilities she must work outside the school and offices.

“During practices I use my time to grade papers, develop lesson plans, make phone calls or make a grocery list,” Kristi said.

Sitting down for dinner as a family is very important to the Asterinos. Although they eat out a lot, they try to have a home-cooked meal at least twice a week.

“We always have Sunday dinner at home,” Kristi said. “Sundays are for the family.”

Tyrone and Kristi both wish their fathers were still around to see their grandchildren growing up.

“Tyrone lost his father in 1995,” Kristi said. “I visit my dad in the nursing home in Marion County at least twice a week. He was diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia eight years ago.

“With today’s society being so fast-paced, we often wonder how we manage it all,” Kristi continued. “We couldn’t do it without co-workers, friends and, most importantly, family.”

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