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October 1, 2012

Kids can feel overwhelmed when too busy

This is the age of being busy.

Many of us live in busy places and have busy lives. Even the roads are busy as we try to get from here to there.

Adults are busy going to jobs and taking care of their families. Kids are busy, too, going to school and doing lots of stuff after school and on the weekends.

Busy isn’t bad, necessarily. If you’re not busy enough you might be bored.

But if you’re too busy, you might feel overwhelmed. For instance, if you have a soccer game that runs late on a school night and you haven’t eaten dinner or done your homework, that’s a not-so-fun kind of busy.

A recent KidsPoll about being busy was conducted with 882 girls and boys ages 9 to 13.

Almost all of them (90 percent) said they felt stressed because they were too busy. About half said they felt this way once in a while or some of the time.

But 17 percent said they felt this way most of the time and 24 percent said they felt like this all the time.

Only 4 percent of kids said they wanted less free time, and 18 percent said they already had just the right amount.

But 61 percent of kids wish they had a lot more free time. If they had more time, most would spend it hanging out or playing with friends.

If a kid wants more free time, how can he get it? The first step is to take a look at how you spend your time now. Then think of ways you could rearrange stuff or cut out some things to have more time for others.

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