The Times West Virginian

June 4, 2011

NMHS: Class told to ‘challenge yourself in whatever you do’

By Jessica Borders
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — “Always dream big and live your life large. You’re only given one chance so you’d better take charge.” — NMHS senior class president Mackenzie Mullenax.

The North Marion High School graduating class of 2011 is ready to go great places.

This year’s commencement was held at North Marion’s Husky Field Friday evening. Family and friends and faculty and staff filled the bleachers to support the graduating seniors dressed in black and silver who were accepting their diplomas.

School principal Rusty DeVito said she is proud of this year’s graduating class, which has about 200 students, for many reasons. These young adults have succeeded academically, artistically and athletically and have given back to the community in various ways.

“You have showed every corner of the state of West Virginia what the Husky spirit is all about,” she said. “You’ve changed mentally and physically from the timid, nieve freshmen children to the confident and bright young men and women I see here today.”

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