The Times West Virginian

March 26, 2013

White Hall levy rate to remain the same

By Emily Gallagher
Times West Virginian

WHITE HALL — The tax levy rate in White Hall will remain the same.

During Monday’s council meeting, officials approved keeping the tax levy rate the same as last year. Council held a public hearing Monday because the assessed property value increased.

Mayor Jesse Corley said there was an increase because a building that wasn’t assessed last year was this year.

“The Cummings Building wasn’t on the assessed properties valued and this year it is,” he told council.

In order to keep the rate for Class 1 properties at 5.24 cents, Class 2 properties at 10.48 cents, Class 3 properties at 20.96 cents and Class 4 properties at 20.96 cents, council had to have a public hearing.

There were comments from the public about the rate and council approved.

Council also approved the 2013-14 budget after looking over a detailed description of where the town’s money was going.

Councilman Arley Hayhurst made a motion to approve the budget and councilwoman Beverly Owens seconded the motion. Only two council members — Hayhurst and Owens — favored the motion. Council members Gary Wilson, George Abel and Chad Corley opposed the vote, as did recorder Charlie Mason.

Council was given a budget that cut $55,000 because at the rate it was spending, the town was going to be that much short.


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