The Times West Virginian

February 12, 2013

Close to home

County offers plenty of opportunities for short trips, new experiences

By Emily Gallagher
Times West Virginian

PLEASANT VALLEY — With busy schedules, it may be difficult for people to try something new.

But in Marion County there are a lot of opportunities for individuals to do something they’ve never experienced before.

Leisha Elliott, director at the Convention & Visitors Bureau of Marion County, said when a trip or event is planned, the anticipation can make people feel happier and less stressed.

“Sometimes it’s not even the trip itself or the vacation itself, but the anticipation,” she said.

Trying new things and visiting new places can be benefical in many ways. Elliott said it can help people gain knowledge of the area and meet new people.

“I think there are opportunities that people are missing,” she said.

Marion County has many historical places to visit. She said people who have never been to the Marion County Historical Society in downtown Fairmont should take a day to visit, which may lead them to discover a new interest. They can learn about

the history of the county as well as what the museum building used to be used for.

“You get the opportunity to hear about that building itself,” Elliott said. “It used to be the sheriff’s home. Any sheriff that came in, that’s where they lived.”

Elliott said visiting historical places in the area can help people appreciate the life they have now. At the West Augusta Historic Society, there is a museum that was a former elementary school.

“I think people need to take advantage of what’s here, and have a better appreciation of what’s here,” she said.

Elliott said there are many historical places people can visit in the county, but there are some modern things that those looking for something new can try.


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