The Times West Virginian

April 1, 2013

Weekly feature shows everyone has a story to tell

By Misty Poe
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — By now, you’ve seen the Times West Virginian’s Annual Report 2013 in its entirety.

Last week, we presented one special edition per day, inserted in your regular morning newspaper. And, by the way, if you missed any issues, you can always come into our business office and pick up a copy or simply log on to where we have the complete week up on our free site for your reading pleasure.

We did things a little differently this year, and to be perfectly honest, in the nearly 13 years I’ve been on staff, I believe this is single-handedly the very best Annual Report we’ve ever produced. Our theme for the year was “Faces.” Each section we presented profiled the “faces” behind industries and sectors and within our communities.

For example, instead of writing a story about NASA’s IV&V center at the I-79 Technology Park, we presented a story about a project manager for the Independent Verification & Validation program who fell in love with space as a young child. He’d achieved his “dream job” by combining computers with the science behind getting an unmanned spacecraft to Jupiter.

We believe that in the context of a personal experience and memories, the extraordinary work being completed right here in our backyard at NASA means more to readers. We know it resonated with readers, too, based on the conversations, calls and emails we received about the Annual Report 2013.

Instead of presenting dry, factual pieces, we gave readers the same information, but told through The Faces of Our Town.

We believe it was so successful that we decided to extend the theme throughout the year — shining a little light on the people who work behind the scenes in our towns and cities to make things happen. Today, we proudly present the debut of The Faces of Our Town, a weekly Monday feature page that will feature such a person.


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