The Times West Virginian

December 11, 2012

Fairview to review ‘safety hazard’ near bridge

By Nicole Lemal
Times West Virginian

FAIRVIEW — Past the Main Street Bridge in Fairview is a wall that is concerning the Fairview Town Council.

Current council members, as well as past councils, have spoken to the West Virginia Department of Transportation in the past about looking into needed repairs.

During the council meeting Monday night, councilman Johnny Knotts said he had spoken to Randy Harrison from the DOT in hopes that this issue, as well as water buildup on the Main Street Bridge, could be addressed.

For Mayor Arley Simmons, it’s a serious issue that can’t be put off any longer.

“It’s serious,” Simmons said. “If the wall goes and that telephone pole goes, what if — I know there is always that what if — but what if there was a car coming through at the same time?”

Holding off any longer on looking at possible options is a safety hazard for the town, according to councilman Dave Mercer.

“We’re talking about rocks that weigh 400 or 500 pounds,” Mercer said. “It’s not little stones we’re talking about. It’s the real deal.”

A specific date has not been set to look at the wall or the bridge, but Knotts indicated that Harrison agreed to look at both in the near future.


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