The Times West Virginian

March 17, 2013

West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation Center relocating to Bunner Ridge: PHOTOS

By Emily Gallagher
Times West Virginian

BUNNER RIDGE — Injured birds will soon have a new place to return to health.

The West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation Center (WVRRC) is relocating from a barn off Goshen Road to 285 acres in Bunner Ridge.

WVRRC is a non-profit organization that takes injured birds of prey and rehabilitates them back to health then releases the bird back into the wild.

Michael Book, director of the WVRRC, said in 1992 Col. Jack “Hardrock” Bunner left the property to them after the non-profit was working with a couple bald eagles that were shot.

“That’s when he got interested in it,” Book said. “We’ve been trying to raise enough money since then to move out here.”

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