The Times West Virginian

July 8, 2013

DNR: Pay attention whether fishing from land or boat

By Emily Gallagher
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — Fishing can be a fun summer activity for all ages, but a fun day on the water can be dangerous if not done safely.

Jeremiah Clark, law enforcement officer with the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, said when fishing, it’s important to pay attention.

One safety issue comes when casting, or putting a line into the water.

When casting, Clark said fishermen must pay attention to what’s around them, and that the path the hook travels is clear.

“I’ve seen many times where kids don’t pay attention to what’s behind them when casting and they get the hook caught on a branch or on someone else,” Clark said.

Fishing from land and fishing from a boat each has its own dangers.

When fishing from a boat, fishermen must have a personal floatation device with them. Clark said fishermen usually have respect for each other when fishing on a river or lake. If anchoring on the river or lake to fish, he said it would be courteous to anchor away from high-traveled routes, and boats are not allowed to anchor on the main channel of a river.

“It’s pretty much fisherman courtesy to do that,” Clark said.


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