The Times West Virginian

December 26, 2012

Sconish makes safety priority as school bus driver

By Emily Gallagher
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — From the early morning to sometimes even late at night, school bus drivers are transporting students to school and school-related activities.

Chuck Sconish, a Marion County bus driver, said he really enjoys coming to work even if it means working a 12-hour day or longer.

“I start at 4:50 a.m.,” he said. “I get done about 4:50 p.m.”

Sconish drives in the Bunner Ridge area, taking kids to East Dale Elementary, East Fairmont Junior High School and East Fairmont High School. He drives about 135 miles a day with his route.

“We have 78 full-time routes in Marion County,” Sconish said. “I drive the longest route in the county.”

In some cases, Sconish has kids on his bus for two hours. He starts his route by picking up students for EFHS and EFJHS.

“Then I go back to Bunner Ridge for the second and take those kids to East Dale Elementary,” he said.

After dropping students off before the school bell rings, Sconish returns to his other duty as president of the Marion County School Service Personnel.

“That’s our union,” he said. “Most days are pretty full with stuff going on there.”

He meets with the superintendent and other administration. He also drives students for field trips during the day. In the afternoon, Sconish heads back to the schools to take students home.

Depending on the day, he also drives a bus for school athletic events and band trips in the evening.

“Right now there’s a lot of basketball going on,” Sconish said. “Even over Christmas break I have some basketball trips.”

Sconish has been a bus driver for eight years and said his favorite part about his job is interacting with students.


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