The Times West Virginian

January 26, 2014

Filing period comes to conclusion

Mail postmarked by Saturday will be accepted

By Colleen S. Good
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — The filing period for interested residents to appear on the May 13 primary election ballot ended at midnight.

While the Marion County Courthouse was originally scheduled to remain open through the midnight deadline, due to bad weather the office was open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. But anyone interested in running could also file by mailing in their form and fee, and the courthouse will accept any filings postmarked by the USPS by 11:59 p.m. Saturday.

Some new filings came in over the past couple of days.

While by Thursday, only six had applied for the 16 male seats on the county Democratic Executive Committee, there are now 10: Jesse L. Corley, Robert Gribben, Arnold A. Kittle, Joe Kovach, Donald Leonard, Mark Rankin, David Sturm, James R. Tate, Mike Webb and Christopher B. Wolfe. The number of candidates for the female seats on the committee has increased from one to five: Chelsea Kittle, Karen Gribben, Eloise Kovach, Donna Costello and Patty Feltz.

The number of filings for the county Republican Executive Committee has also increased. While on Thursday, there were no filings for the female seats on the committee, by 5 p.m. Saturday, there were three: Carolynn Fortney Hamilton, Dianne Marie Welch and JoAnn Williams. The number of filings for the male seats increased from three to six: Larry Snipes, Bobbie D. Triplett II, Phil Mallon, Phil Reed Sr., Andrew Sabak and Ron Southern.

If not enough people file for positions on the county executive committees, the county committee chairs will appoint someone to those positions after the election. The county executive committees are responsible for picking poll workers.

There is one addition to those running in the Democratic primary for the Middletown District county commission seat: Daniel K. “Dan” Weber. Burley “Butch” Tennant has filed to run for re-election, and Rick Garcia has also filed to run. William “Bill” Burdick has filed to run on the Republican ballot.

Current Circuit Clerk Rhonda Starn is still the only Democrat to file to run for circuit clerk, with current White Hall Mayor Guy Ward running in the Republican primary.

There have been some additions to the Marion County Board of Education (BOE) race. In Palatine, Mary Jo Thomas and Sam Burnet have filed; Babette Sims has filed to run for re-election in West Augusta, and Frank Moore has also filed there; in Middletown, Rev. James Saunders has filed for re-election, with Gail L. Redmond, Thomas Dragich and Mike Blickenstaff also filing.

The BOE is non-partisan.

Michael Angelucci has filed to run for the second Senatorial Executive Committee as a Democrat.

Brandon Riggs has filed for the 50th Delegate Executive Committee as a Democrat, as has Barbara A. Core. Core has also filed to run as a delegate for the first congressional district for the Democratic party primary.

Democrat Deborah M. Prezioso is the only candidate to file for the 13th Senatorial District Executive Committee.

Don Headley is still the only candidate to file to run as conservation district super.

In filings at the Secretary of State’s office, there were also some additions.

Current Secretary of State Natalie Tennant officially filed to run in the Democrat Party’s primary for retiring Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s seat Friday. Democrats David B. Wamsley and Dennis Melton have also filed. Shelley Moore Capito, Larry Eugene Butcher and Matthew Dodrill have filed to run in the Republican primary.

For the U.S. House of Representatives, current Rep. David B. McKinley is the only candidate to file for the Republican Party’s primary, and Glen B. Gainer III the only one to file for the Democrats.

State Sen. Bob Beach is still running unopposed on the Democrat party’s primary for the District 13 seat, and no Republicans have filed.

There were no new filings for the Marion County delegate seats. Democrat Delegates Linda Longstreth, Tim Manchin and Mike Caputo have all filed to run for the Democrat party’s primary to retain their seats. Barry Bledsoe, Phil Mallow and Bobbie D. Triplett II have all filed to run in the Republican primary for those delegate seats.

Belinda Biafore has filed to run for the female seat for the Democratic State Executive Committee for District 13, and Andrew A. Sabak has filed to run for the male seat for the Republican State Executive Committee for District 13.

Candidates who have applied by USPS mail should see their applications arrive at the courthouse by Monday afternoon.

The primary will take place Tuesday, May 13, and the general election will be in November.

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