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February 22, 2014

Pleasant Valley Council has opening

‘File for Life’ helps in emergency responses

By Colleen S. Good
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — Pleasant Valley met for a work session and council meeting this week.

Councilman Jeff Boyles, member at large, put in his resignation Tuesday. Boyles resigned because he and his family are planning on moving to Fairmont.

Pleasant Valley mayor Barbara Metcalfe said they will be sorry to see him go.

“He’s been very productive on council,” Metcalfe said. “I’ve learned so much from him.”

The charter in Pleasant Valley states that council members can name a replacement to sit in Boyles’ seat within 30 days, though they are also having a municipal election this June.

“We are going to look and see if someone would like to fill in for three months,” Metcalfe said. “I think it would be a good experience for someone to get their feet wet.”

Capt. Sabrina Haught, Marion County 911 Center, made a presentation to council about the “File for Life,” a red envelope residents can put on their refrigerators that contains important medical information about household members.

“It makes it easier for rescue people when they come into the house,” Metcalfe said.  She said that Haught left some red envelopes at city hall, and there are additional envelopes available at the 911 center.

The work session was held prior to the council meeting to discuss the hotel and motel tax money still available to spend this fiscal year.

“We’re trying to use some of that money before the fiscal year is up,” Metcalfe said. “We’d like to put some of the hotel motel money into our city. One of the things we’re working on is the historical cemetery in Benton’s Ferry.

“We’re hoping to put up some fencing and get it ready for the summer. It’s only about an acre and a half, but it’s in poor condition. The first person was buried in it in 1852, and people are still being buried there, and all of them have a connection to Pleasant Valley. So that’s why we want to start making it look better for the next generation.”

Metcalfe said the city will be meeting with contractors to receive bids on the project, looking at both the cost of putting up fencing only at the front of the property, and at putting up fencing along the entire property.

Metcalfe said that they had planned on meeting with Thrasher to discuss plans for work on the municipal building property, but that meeting had to be delayed.

“They’re working really hard on surveying the grounds,” Metcalfe said, noting the bad weather the area has seen the past several weeks. “I think we’re going to focus on the baseball field, because we’d really like to get it upgraded in April if we can, and then we can start in on the other areas.”

In other business:

• There will be a public hearing on Tuesday Feb. 25, at 7 p.m., to discuss revisions to the ballot for the June municipal election.

• Prior to the public hearing, there will be a work session with Thrasher Engineering Tuesday, Feb. 25, at 6 p.m., to discuss the proposed projects on the municipal complex property.

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