The Times West Virginian

June 22, 2013

Korean War memorial progress stalled for lack of funding

By Emily Gallagher
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — Over the last four years, veterans have been working to build a memorial to honor those who served in the Korean War.

Loren Jackson, president of Marion County Chapter 163 of the Korean War Veterans Association, has been working hard to complete the Korean War Memorial on East Marion County Park. But lately, funds have run out and his dream of honoring those who have served could soon be over without donations from the community.

“We want to show those who have donated that this is going to be a great memorial to the Korean War veterans,” he said.

Jackson said he hopes more donations come in soon so Korean War veterans in Marion County can see that they will be honored.

“It will make the veterans proud but donations are tough to get,” he said.

The project started four years ago when Jackson wanted to honor is fellow military serviceman.

“Everybody was putting up their monuments, World War II, Vietnam, and I thought ‘why don’t the Korean War veterans have one?’” he said.

Jackson wasn’t sure where to start but was determined to build a memorial. He got in contact with Rick Hardman who was involved with the design of the Clay District Veterans Memorial in Shinnston and went to work on designing a memorial.

Hardman said the memorial is designed with specific details ranging from the height of the Patriot Memorial Flag to the walkway of the plaza.


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