The Times West Virginian

September 18, 2013

On Constitution Day, students learn about country’s founders, framework

By Kaylyn Christopher
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — More than 200 years after the original document was signed, students in public schools across the country are still studying the importance and value of the U.S. Constitution.

Constitution Day was observed Tuesday, and Marion County teachers took the opportunity to teach their students about the founders and framework of the country.

“We need to know the foundations of our government,” Cathy Davis, a social studies teacher at East Fairmont Junior High School, said. “We need to know what our ancestors went through to appreciate how this was set up.”

Seventh-grade students in Davis’ world geography classes and eighth-grade students in her West Virginia studies classes studied about the Constitution through hands-on group activities.

Davis divided her students into groups and assigned them roles including tavern owners, bankers, farmers, merchants, citizens and soldiers. She then instructed them to analyze the Constitution and the Bill of Rights from those perspectives.

“They really got into the role playing,” Davis said. “They’re so distant from what goes on in Washington, aside from what they see in the news, that this gives them a chance to get their hands on it.”

Davis said students in her classes also make connections between their classroom management rules and the U.S. Constitution.


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