The Times West Virginian

November 15, 2012

Cell tower construction possibility a concern

Kingmont residents complain that those now there are not being maintained properly

By Jonathan Williams
Times West Virginian

PLEASANT VALLEY — Citizens of the Kingmont community in Pleasant Valley voiced their frustration regarding the possible construction of a third cell tower in their area at Wednesday evening’s council meeting.

Mayor Barbara Metcalfe said that council will do what it can to satisfy the wishes of the nearby residents, but so long as the proposed structure meshes with the town’s ordinances, there’s only so much that it can do.

Basically, the area is zoned as “mixed use,” which means that non-residential structures can be put up so long as they follow the rules set out in the town ordinances. The first cell tower was put up in 1999, and a second was recently added in 2010.

These towers are not very high since there’s a nearby airport, Metcalfe said.

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