The Times West Virginian

November 20, 2012

Farmington discusses extending summer playground program

By Nicole Lemal
Times West Virginian

FARMINGTON — Marion County officials have noted a need in local schools, and so has the Farmington Town Council, whose members discussed the possibility of extending their summer playground program if the opportunity is afforded to them.

During Monday’s meeting, councilwoman Stephanie Cummons noted that the Marion County Parks and Recreation Commission (MCPARC) would pay for three staff members if lunches are provided. Other local communities have the freedom to choose and have taken the initiative to offer the program Monday through Friday.

Last summer, the program ran Monday through Thursday in Farmington, and the Marion County Board of Education provided meals for the children who participated. But because no one from the BOE is on staff on Friday, the program wasn’t offered on that day this year.

Broaching the possibility of extending it through Friday, Cummons explained that some students could benefit from that extra day. Some of those students may need it to guarantee they are getting the proper nutrition they may not receive at home, or to assure they have somewhere to go during the week.

“If that’s one less day they have to sit in their house or that they have to be by themselves, then they can come down and can benefit from being there and get a hot meal,” she said.

 Mayor Donna Costello agreed.


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