The Times West Virginian

March 20, 2013

People focus of 2013 Annual Report

‘Faces’ theme of week-long series that debuts Sunday

By Misty Poe
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — The face.

You can change your hair, your clothes, grow older, lose weight. But the face changes very little as the days and years go by. It is the way we recognize and acknowledge a person. And just like a fingerprint, no two faces are the same. Though there are resemblances, a person’s face is as unique as her personality and character. Our neighborhoods, communities, towns and cities are made up of these faces, making each just as unique as the faces that belong to them.

Each March, the Times West Virginian brings you our Annual Report — a status of where we are in North Central West Virginia, how various industries are faring, and an overall snapshot of our community and state as it is today and where we hope to be in the coming days.

For seven days, as we bring you special editions on a wide range of topics — from the gas wells to the classrooms, from a high-tech lab to the church pew — we try to cover the areas of high interest within our county and beyond.

On Sunday, our Annual Report will debut, but there’s one important change this year.

“We recognize that there’s only one thing that makes North Central West Virginia great, no matter the industry, no matter the project,” said Chuck Jessup, publisher of the Times West Virginian. “People. Very simply put, it is the people of this area that make it succeed, that make the economy work, that make our health-care industry top notch.”

So the Times West Virginian is highlighting people in the 2013 Annual Report.

It’s called “Faces.”


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