The Times West Virginian

April 7, 2013

Goal: Make the bad cells leave and never return

By Mary Wade Burnside
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — After Connie Ahrens had a modified radical mastectomy in 2008 to treat breast cancer, she had two kinds of chemotherapy as well as radiation treatments to make sure all the bad cells had left her body, with the goal of them never returning.

She was diagnosed in September of that year after the cancer showed up on a mammogram. It was stage 3. Nothing had been detected on her mammogram the year before.

“It was fairly fast-growing,” Ahrens said. “One year, my mammogram was clean. The next year I had stage 3 cancer, which is why I went nuts when people would say, ‘You need a mammogram every year.’ I’d say, “Yeah, you do.’”

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