The Times West Virginian

September 4, 2013

More building codes enforced in Mannington

By Emily Gallagher
Times West Virginian

MANNINGTON — The enforcement of building codes in Mannington is being taken seriously.

During Tuesday’s city council meeting, Mayor Jim Taylor discussed with council what the city has been doing as far as code enforcement for dilapidated structures in the city.

“We are writing more notices here and the police are delivering them to the property owners,” he said.

Taylor said he is making sure property owners whose structures are not up to code are being held accountable.

“We’re giving them time limits to do something substantial to the property,” he said.

If property owners ignore the notices, Taylor said the city will start penalizing the owners either daily or weekly.

“We’re not going to allow Mannington residents to look out their window and see dilapidated housing,” he said. “We’re going to make (property owners) responsible for what they own.”

Taylor said there are several structures in the city limits that need taken care of. He said businesses and citizens want to come to Mannington but there is no room.

Taylor said doing some demolition on abandoned structures is an answer.


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