The Times West Virginian

February 24, 2013

Education key in changing culture about concussions

By Mary Wade Burnside
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — Once upon a time — in some cases, maybe not too long ago — if a football player got knocked down during a play or a gymnast hit her head doing a flip, a coach might have told the athlete get back on the field or back on the mat.

As new information emerges about the potential long-term impact of concussions and the dangers of an injured athlete returning to the sport before completely healing, those days are fading fast.

“We’re trying to get out of coaches the verbiage, terms like ‘got dinged,” and we’re also trying to get out the terminology like, ‘got my bell rung,’” said Mike Casselman, the director of athletic training services for HealthWorks Rehab & Fitness, based in Morgantown with other area locations, including Fairmont.

“We’re trying to change the culture of how people look at and perceive concussions in the year 2013.”

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