The Times West Virginian

April 17, 2013

County’s BOE levy rate shows slight decrease

Funding is ‘really important’ to schools

By Jessica Borders
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — Marion County’s levy rates for the upcoming school year have decreased by a very small amount.

During a special session Tuesday morning at the Central Office of Marion County Schools, the Board of Education voted 5-0 to approve the levy rates for 2013-2014.

Kim Wade, treasurer for Marion County Schools, said every school board in West Virginia was required by state law to meet Tuesday to set levy rates.

He explained that in Marion County, three different levies are set. The regular levy is statewide and established by the Legislature every year.

The excess levy is voted on every five years by the citizens. 2013-2014 is the last year of the current five-year excess levy. Marion County is planning to have an election on Oct. 12 to renew the excess levy for five more years, Wade said.

He said the debt service of the bond levy is determined based on how much needs to be raised to pay off the bonds for the construction of the new East Fairmont Middle School and the renovation of Fairmont Senior High School.

“Really the board has very little leeway in any of these,” Wade said of the three different levies. “Every year we approve the rate.”

For Class II property, which is residential homeownership, the regular levy rate is 38.8 cents, the excess levy is 45.9 cents, and the bond levy is 5.26 cents — all per $100 of the assessed value, he said.


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