The Times West Virginian

June 21, 2013

Pleasant Valley council approves 10-year plan

By Jonathan Williams
Times West Virginian

PLEASANT VALLEY — Pleasant Valley has a new plan for the future.

Not just in a figurative sense, but quite literally.

The Pleasant Valley Council approved the city’s 10-year plan at their monthly council meeting Wednesday evening.

“We wanted to think outside the box,” said Barbara Metcalfe, Pleasant Valley mayor. “It’s transportation, housing, economic development (and more).”

The Pleasant Valley Planning Commission has been working on the plan, which addresses all aspects of life in the city, since 2009.

“I’m glad that it’s complete,” said Jeff Boyles, president of the planning commission and city councilman. “I think that we did a good job planning for responsible growth while maintaining the characteristics of Pleasant Valley.

“I’d like to thank the current and past planning commission members for their help and hard work,” he said.

The primary goal of the 10-year plan is to provide a roadmap for growth as the city continues to expand over the coming years. The commission worked with a consultant to figure out solutions to potentially tricky zoning areas that could become problems in the future.

These “conflict areas,” as Boyles called them, are places where a commercial district seems to be encroaching on a residential area or vice-versa, which can potentially lead to zoning issues down the road.


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