The Times West Virginian

December 26, 2012

Visible progress

Construction of new East Fairmont Middle School on schedule

By Jessica Borders
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — The construction of the new East Fairmont Middle School is staying on schedule.

The prime contractor on the project is City Construction Co., which also did the restoration and rehabilitation of Fairmont Senior High School. Beau Henderson, project manager, explained that they had to perform about three months of site work over the summer before starting to build the new middle school, and the actual construction began around September.

Crews are up to the second-floor level on the classroom wing section of the building, he said. They are also working on the masonry for the cafeteria, kitchen, and band and music wing.

“At this point with winter coming in, we’re hoping for a mild winter so we can continue construction,” Henderson said.

He said City Construction’s goal is to get the classroom wing section under roof so work can take place throughout the frosty, snowy conditions and freezing temperatures. They will continue working on the cafeteria, kitchen, and band and music wing as the winter season allows.

During a recent presentation in front of the Marion County Board of Education, Pam Wean, acting president of Blackwood Associates Inc. in Fairmont and chief architect on this job, said the weather has mostly been cooperating with the workers so far.

“They’re continuing to lay block pretty much every day they can until it gets too cold,” she said. “There haven’t been any delays so far as far as weather. We have no worries. It’s coming along just fine.”


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