The Times West Virginian

July 16, 2013

Water and sewer rate increases approved

Farmington residents to see hike on next bill

By Emily Gallagher
Times West Virginian

FARMINGTON — Residents and resale customers of Farmington will soon see an increase on their water and sewer bill.

During Monday’s meeting, council approved the second reading of an amendment to raise water and sewer rates in the town.

Mayor Donna Costello said the minimum water and sewer bill that residents receive in the town is $47.77 a month. She said they can expect to see “roughly a $4.45 increase” on the minimum bill.

Resale customers for the Town of Farmington are Little Laurel Run and Sunnyview Acres.

Costello said the increase was necessary because Monongah raised its rates and Farmington is a resale customer of that municipality. Monongah’s rate increase went into effect July 1.

It has been six years since Farmington had a water and sewer rate increase. Costello said with the increase, Farmington will be able to maintain the state it had been in before Monongah raised that town’s rates.

“It keeps us where we’re at,” she said.

Costello said the town is in good shape with its water funds, but if a line were to break it could cause a lot of damage. She said the town will continue to do maintenance checks on water lines to prevent major leaks.


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