The Times West Virginian

March 5, 2013

East Park parents voice their concerns

Better communication sought regarding ongoing furnace issues at school

By Kaylyn Christopher
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — The ongoing issues at East Park Elementary School continued to be a topic of discussion at Monday evening’s Marion County Board of Education meeting.

Parents of students at East Park attended the meeting to express their concerns. According to the parents, communication between school administrators and the community needs improvement. They said they want to be properly informed so they can be sure their children are in a safe learning environment at all times.

One of the biggest issues was the failure for ParentLink to deliver messages to parents of students at East Park when they were released from school at 9 a.m. last Thursday following a false carbon monoxide alarm and several days of furnace problems at the school.

Marion County Superintendent of Schools Gary Price and members of the board recognized the problem and said discussions are being held to try to find a solution so the community is not relying on word of mouth to find out about such information.

Price addressed the parents’ frustrations by explaining that representatives from the gas company and the fire department have been in the school to check for any signs of carbon monoxide. The only place any reading was detected was in the furnace room, which is why students have since been moved out of the older section of the building and placed in the newer section.

According to Price, the recent purchase of a new metal liner for the inside of the chimney in the old section of the building should be the last step in repairs. Once the repairs are complete and the furnace is lit, Price said they will wait a couple of days before moving students back into the older section of the building in order to perform more readings and ensure that it is a safe place for students to be.


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