The Times West Virginian

March 7, 2013

White Hall municipal fee ideas exchanged

March 27 next date for more discussion

By Emily Gallagher
Times West Virginian

WHITE HALL — Businesses, residents and White Hall officials continue to positively discuss a municipal fee ordinance.

During a second meeting of an ordinance committee Wednesday, suggestion were given by businesses, residents and town officials on an ordinance that would increase municipal fees. It was tabled on Jan. 28 by council.

The fee would pay for fire and police protection along with help to pay for a new public safety building for White Hall.

On the committee are Mayor Jesse Corley, council members Arley Hayhurst and Chad Corley, attorney for White Hall J.T. Hodges, residents Rosemary Phillips and Steve Perrotti, attorney Bill Homes, and business representatives Sally Niezgoda, Gene Wright and Casey Stickley.

Everyone got to give suggestions to take the place of the ordinance that says residents would pay a $35 flat rate a year and commercial customers would pay 35 cents per square foot instead of the 3.5 cents they pay now for the municipal fee.

Homes said the businesses got together and decided that the best way to address the issue is a combination of things for the municipal fee. He said the businesses wanted to know what was needed.

Hodges passed out budget sheets to the committee and said they would like to have five full-time police officers.

“We would need five officers to have around-the-clock coverage,” he said. “With additional coverage from the part-time people.”

Hodges also suggested a user fee for the police fee.

After discussing the town’s budget, members of the committee expressed their ideas on how to approach the issue.

Mayor Corley said he was glad that each person could share ideas, and all ideas be taken into consideration.


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