The Times West Virginian

November 14, 2012

Case of mistaken identity hits Fairmont Veterinary Hospital

By Jonathan Williams
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — The Fairmont Veterinary Hospital experienced a deluge of calls all day Wednesday following a case of mistaken identity and Internet justice gone wrong.

Dr. Scott Moore, a junior partner at the hospital, said they received calls from across the country and even foreign countries because of a mistake made on Twitter.

According to Moore, someone with the Twitter username @dianefridley posted pictures of herself on the website engaging in sexual activity with dogs. A Twitter poweruser with more than 600,000 followers retweeted this user, along with the phone number for the Fairmont Veterinary Hospital, where Dr. Diane Fridley, a completely different person, works.

“It’s been rough,” Moore said. “It’s taken a lot of energy from my staff.”

Right now, the hospital is trying to get the word out and caution people about knee-jerk reactions to things on the Internet.

“We want people to know that Dr. Fridley is a good person and a wonderful veterinarian,” Moore said. “When you tweet or post on Facebook, make sure that you’re well informed, because the ramifications can be vast and far-reaching.”

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