The Times West Virginian

March 9, 2013

‘Famous to their town'

Mannington Middle students’ artwork on display at library

By Emily Gallagher
Times West Virginian

MANNINGTON — Middle school students are displaying their art work at the Mannington Public Library.

Students from Mannington Middle School with have their art on display at the library until March 16. Frank Puskas, art teacher at Mannington Middle, said March is Youth Art Month and is glad the library let the students display their work.

“They emailed me to see if I could bring stuff across the street,” he said. “This is the first year we’ve ever done this.”

Art work from fifth-graders to eighth-graders can be see throughout the entire library. Everything from sculptures to paintings are displayed.

“We hit on a lot of different things,” Puskas said. “Mainly we hit on the elements of art. We have fifth-eighth grades, so we can do a variety of things.”

Puskas said some of the works are made of recycled materials like cardboard and wire hangers.

Puskas’ eighth-grade son Tyler said he made a piece using an old computer and likes the fact that he can have his work on display.

“It’s neat because even someone who’s not famous can get their art out and be famous to their town,” Tyler said.

Puskas said one of his classes did a project on sunglasses and created large, paper mache sunglasses adding their own creative touch.

“One student used deer bones as the sunglasses temples,” he said.

Some classes did a project where they had to create a product, while others had to take a small, everyday object and enlarge it.

“Someone did a concert ticket and made it bigger,” Puskas said.


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