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November 3, 2013

DOH grant for road work received

By Debra Minor Wilson
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — Each day, delivery trucks lumber over Hoult Road on their way to Montana Road to drop off and pick up goods from the businesses along the route.

The road stretches for .6 of a mile after branching off Hoult Road, passing the former Westinghouse, Mom’s Restaurant and Gabriel Brothers warehouse.

But it’s slow going. After it branches off Hoult, Montana Road narrows, the asphalt pitted with potholes and cracks.

Drivers must swerve into the other lane to avoid these obstacles, and if another vehicle is approaching, then it’s off to the side of the road, where there may or may not be enough room to get completely out of the way.

Charlie Reese, director of the Marion County development Authority, told the Marion County Commission that it has received a $250,000 road work grant from the Division of Highways.

The state money will fix the road’s drainage problems with three inches of asphalt “hopefully forever,” he said.

“There is a lot of truck traffic on that road,” Reese said. “And there will be more good news at the first of the year for something on that road.”

Work is expected to begin next spring.

He also had more “good news” about the continuing progress at the Palatine Park riverfront development project.

“Within 15 days, the county will own the whole park,” he said.

Crews continue to landscape the park. Demolition is set to begin on the two houses on New Street the commission has purchased, after testing for asbestos.

“We're hoping to get started on removing the houses from the site around Nov. 18,” Reese said.

Also, the authority has interviewed three engineering/architectural firms for the job: GAI of Charleston, Blackwater from Fairmont and Thrasher of Bridgeport.

The commission also granted $1,000 to 612 MAC for repairs and operation costs. The money will come from the coal severance tax.

The commission will meet in regular session at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7, in Room 403, J. Harper Meredith Building, Fairmont.

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