The Times West Virginian

November 9, 2013

State Auditor Glen Gainer running for Congress

Government shutdown ‘really struck a nerve’

By Colleen S. Good
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — State Auditor Glen Gainer announced his campaign for Congress on Friday.

Gainer is campaigning to be on the ballot as the Democrat candidate for West Virginia’s 1st Congressional District. The seat is currently held by Rep. David McKinley, R-W.Va., of Wheeling.

Gainer made announcements Friday at 10 a.m. at the Blue Bird Deli in Clarksburg and 1:15 p.m. at the Old Capitol Building in Wheeling.

Gainer said that he hopes his 21 years as state auditor will help him bring fiscal sense to Washington.

“Washington needs to balance the budget,” Gainer said. “It’s time we have people in Washington who understand how the budget works.”

Gainer said he hopes to bring his West Virginia “common sense” to Washington.

“We in West Virginia are hard working, and we play by the rules,” Gainer said. “We expect and use common sense in solving our problems. It seems that people go to Washington and forget who they represent and how to use common sense.”

Gainer said he decided to run for Congress after getting frustrated with all the stalls and stops in Washington.

“After they went so far as to shut the government down, it really struck a nerve with me,” Gainer said. “I felt it’s time for people to be represented by someone who will work every day for their interests and never shut the government down.”

Gainer was elected as state auditor in 1992. During his time as auditor, West Virginia upgraded its bond rating.

In a statement, Gainer said he would like to take some of his experience working with Republicans and Democrats at the state level to work on better fiscal policy in Washington.

“As state auditor, I never let finger-pointing, partisanship or name-calling stand in the way of getting results for the people of West Virginia — and by working with Republicans and Democrats on common-sense solutions, we cut wasteful spending, protected our tax dollars and made government do more with less in order to create the right environment for businesses to create jobs,” Gainer said.

“For the sake of the next generation, we need to restore the problem-solving, fiscally responsible leadership I practiced every day as state auditor back to Congress.”

Larry Puccio, chairman of the Democratic Party of West Virginia, praised Gainer in a statement.

“Auditor Gainer has always shown responsible leadership. By streamlining payroll inventory and purchasing for the entire state government, Gainer’s priorities have saved millions of tax payer dollars,” Puccio said.

Gainer lives in Parkersburg with his wife, Susan Ryder. They have two sons.

Candidates have until mid-to-late January 2014 to announce their names for their respective parties’ primary ballots. The primary will be held on Tuesday, May 13, 2014, and the general election will occur Nov. 4, 2014.

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