The Times West Virginian

March 18, 2013

‘Live tweeting’ shows readers news-gathering process

By Misty Poe
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — I’m a tweetin’ fool.

Or at least that’s what my publisher, Chuck Jessup, says.

It started six months ago when he first joined the Times West Virginian family. Chuck joined me and multimedia journalist Jessica Borders at the dedication of the National Guard armory in honor of Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Woody Williams. As the program began, Jessica pulled out her notebook and began to scribble notes. I took out my phone and began to tweet.

“Live tweet” is what we call it. As something important was said by or about Williams, I tweeted it. I took pictures and attached them to tweets. I hashtagged key words and phrases.

I guess to a casual observer, it looked like I was playing a game of Angry Birds or was busy texting a buddy. Instead, I was sending out information as it happened, minute by minute, to those who follow me or follow the topics that were hashtagged.

Chuck seemed intrigued by the process and we talked about it at length afterward. And I’ve done it during several events we’ve attended representing the newspaper.

I actually enjoy it. Texting buddies has actually made for swift fingers. And it’s fun to get information out to readers at lightning speeds. Just tidbits in less than 140 characters, followed up by a lengthier story posted later online and the complete story in the next day’s paper.


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