The Times West Virginian

February 19, 2013

East Park students released early Monday due to furnace problems

By Jessica Borders
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — Students at East Park Elementary School were released early Monday due to furnace problems.

The school experienced an issue with one of the furnaces in the old portion of the school, where the offices of the secretary and principal are located. Some ash had built up in a portion of the vents, which kept the fumes from the furnace from venting properly, said Marion County Superintendent of Schools Gary Price.

He said the furnace was shut down and cleaned out, and was expected to be ready to operate safely for school today.

On Monday, people at East Park were complaining about the burnt smell, due to the furnace being off for a while and then kicking back on, as well as the odor of the spray lubricants the maintenance crews used to do their work. A small number of students indicated they felt sick from those combined smells that were passing through the school, and the administration felt it was better to send the students home, Price said.

“It was really more of a precaution,” he said. “We always realize that some students are more sensitive to smells and noxious odors.”

The students were moved to East Park’s annex building, where the library and cafeteria are found.


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