The Times West Virginian

December 23, 2012

Fairmont paving: ‘They’re seeing results’

116 streets, 15.7 miles have been done since the fall of 2011

By Kaylyn Christopher
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — Since the fall of 2011 and the implementation of the street-maintenance charge, 116 of the City of Fairmont’s streets (15.7 miles) have been paved, and City Manager Jay Rogers said that the project is right on track.

To date, the paving project has cost $1,662,517.30.

According to Rogers, the SMC has been utilized the way it was intended.

“We originally projected about a 60/40 split,” Rogers said. “Sixty percent of the funds would end up coming from the residents and 40 percent from the nonresidents. It’s actually run somewhere around 64/36, so it’s running pretty much right on target.”

Rogers said that as progress continues to be made, residents gain more and more confidence in the project.

“Some of the fear or reservations that people had was that the city wouldn’t use the funds for what we said we were going to use the funds for, but clearly we have,” Rogers said.

“The calls have went from ‘Is my street ever going to get paved?’ to ‘When is my street going to get paved?’ because they’re seeing results.”

This past fall, 54 streets (7.4 miles) were paved. Of the three paving seasons, the fall of 2012 produced the most results. Fifty-three streets (6.2 miles) were paved in the fall of 2011 and nine streets (2.1 miles) were paved in the spring of 2012.


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